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Instead of walking clients through a simple plea agreement where the defendant pleads guilty to a lesser alcohol-related driving charge in exchange for the original higher charge being dropped, Attorney Sternisha (whose client’s simply call him Ed) thoroughly investigates his cases to ensure his clients receive proper justice.

In one recent case, Ed’s client was originally charged with Operating While Intoxicated (OWI) with a High BAC (or Super Drunk).  Although the arresting officer testified under oath that the defendant made a series of erratic turns, drove on the wrong side of the road, and refused to stop for the emergency lights, Ed was able to clearly show that none of that was true.  When the officer testified that the defendant had slurred speech, poor balance, and failed the alphabet, Ed was again able to show that those statements too were false. 

Ed even employed an investigator who used photos to demonstrate in court that the streets the officer claimed the incident took place on were not even the same streets shown in the officer’s own dashcam video.  In the end, the officer’s credibility was shot and Ed’s client only paid a small fine for a minor traffic violation that will not cause him to have a criminal record.  The OWI criminal charges were DISMISSED!

In a second case, because the police report was lacking a great deal of important information, Ed was able to negotiate an offer with the prosecutor where the defendant paid a small fine in exchange for having no criminal conviction. The OWI criminal charge was DISMISSED!.

A third recent client went from being charged with "Super Drunk" (OWI-High BAC) to having the criminal charges dismissed after Ed's investigation showed that his client's traffic stop was conducted without legal justification.  Although the arresting officer wrote in the police report that Ed's client was pulled over because he drove over the double-yellow center-line causing another car to slow down and swerve to avoid being struck, the dashcam video clearly showed that never happened.  Not only did Ed's client never cross over the center-line, the other vehicle never slowed down and never swerved at all.  With the traffic-stop being invalid, the prosecution would not be able to use any evidence obtained during the stop to convict Ed's client.   The OWI criminal charges were DISMISSED!

Another recent client had his entire 2nd-offense drunk driving case dismissed by the judge. After Ed's thorough investigation revealed that although the state police trooper testified the reason for the traffic stop was because Ed's client failed to use a turn-signal prior to turning at an intersection, the dashcam video actually proved he did use his signal and therefore the stop was invalid.  The OWI criminal charges were DISMISSED! 

This client also faced a civil penalty of a 1-year suspended driver's license because the trooper claimed he refused to submit to a breath test.  Ed WON  that hearing at the Secretary of State hearing office (DMV) and the client's license was SAVED!

With a background as a police officer along with being a licensed private investigator, Ed is not just a lawyer (see "Attorney" page).  As such, he digs deep into his cases and looks for police errors, inconsistencies, and even false statements if they exist.  “While I believe drunk driving is very dangerous, I also believe that those charged with OWI deserve to have a fair chance at defending themselves,” Ed has said.  “Simply because someone is arrested for OWI, does not mean they are guilty.  My job is to find out what really happened.”

Remember, every case is different and the results mentioned here are not typical.  If you have been charged with an OWI offense, plead not guilty and “Call Ed Instead!”  (616) 233-CALL-ED.  Follow Ed on Facebook at

The information provided by Attorney Sternisha anywhere online is for informational purposes only and is NOT considered legal advice and no attorney-client relationship is created. Attorney Sternisha is only licensed to practice law in Michigan.

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